Publishers: Meet Learning List (Part 3)

Books shelf ebooksOver the past few weeks, we have been working our way through a series of 15 questions that are most commonly asked of Learning List by those who develop and deliver content. The series began with Part 1: the first five questions and answers; that was followed by Part 2 – the answers to the second five. In this final installment, we’ll address the remaining questions.

  1. Who are Learning List’s reviewers?

Learning List’s reviewers, called Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), are experienced, certified educators with prior standards-alignment experience. To be eligible for selection as an SME for Learning List, a candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • He or she must have at least five years of teaching experience, though most are far more experienced;
  • He or she must be certified in the grade and subject related to the product(s) assigned for review; and
  • He or she cannot have been employed by a publisher or K-12 online content provider for at least two years immediately preceding his or her relationship with Learning List.

2. How does Learning List protect the security of materials that are submitted?

Learning List is acutely aware of and respects publishers’ security concerns. Publishers upload all product data and access information directly into Learning List’s secure database. Products are accessible only to the subject matter experts assigned to review the material through the database; materials are not emailed during the review process.  Six weeks after product reviews are published on, the product access information is deleted from Learning List’s database.

3. How many districts does Learning List have as subscribers?

The number of Learning List’s subscribing districts is continuously growing, with over 500,000 students now served through the districts that subscribe to our service. While Learning List’s subscribers include very large urban and suburban districts, there are many small rural districts and private schools located inside and outside of Texas.

4. Can publishers subscribe to Learning List? What features are included in a publisher subscription?

Yes. Publishers may subscribe to Learning List. With a subscription, publishers have full access to all of Learning List’s reviews and have all but two of the same privileges as subscribing districts. The two exceptions are: 1) publishers cannot request the review of a product published by another company and 2) publishers are not able use the educator ratings feature. Subscribing publishers have commented that Learning List is an incomparable source of market intelligence (identifying gaps in the market) and competitive intelligence (better understanding competitors’ products). We offer a 15% discount for publishers that have submitted materials to Learning List for review. For more information about publisher subscriptions or submitting content, contact Christopher Lucas, Director of Publisher Relations, via

5. Can we get a trial subscription to to see what the reviews look like?

Learning List does not offer trial subscriptions for publishers. However, we are happy to schedule a webinar to introduce our service and enable the publisher to see how product information and the reviews are presented  on

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