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Expert alignment reviews and other services to facilitate the development of high-quality instructional materials

Publisher Support

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Directory of K-12 Instructional Materials orgnanized by the courses districts offer

Publisher Accounts

Learning List provides a subscription instructional materials review service for educators. Educational publishers may purchase the following types of Learning List accounts to assist in marketing and developing high-quality instructional materials.

RFP accounts are time-limited Learning List accounts that publishers purchase for their target districts or state education agencies (SEAs) in order to meet district or SEA RFP requirements for third-party, independent reviews

Publisher subscriptions provide access to Learning List’s reviews of thousands of instructional materials and comparison tools to supercharge the company’s market research and/or product development

Tailored reviews to meet your needs

Learning List reviews instructional materials in response to subscribing districts’ requests at no charge to publishers. While Learning List is not a correlation service, publishers may proactively submit K-12 curricula for an independent, third-party review, as described below.

Pre-publication curriculum reviews are reviews of a product sample for standards-alignment, instructional quality, and/or completeness

Gap analysis reviews include a review of a curriculum’s alignment to new state standards and a deficits report

Professional Learning

Learning List provides customized in-house or online professional development for publishers on such topics as standards alignment, depth of knowledge, and more.

The Learning List

The Learning List is a free, publicly available directory of K-12 instructional materials for the courses districts offer. The List makes it easy for teachers to find new resources for the courses they are teaching and increases the visibility of publishers’ catalogs. Learning List has reviewed some, but not all of the titles listed. Publishers are encouraged to submit additional titles for inclusion in The Learning List at no cost.

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