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White Paper

Guidance for Selecting or Curating High-Quality Instructional Resources

January 2023

The state’s math standards recently changed, and your district purchases new instructional materials for all math teachers. Teachers use the materials for a few months, but when students struggle to master the content, they grow skeptical about the material’s quality and suitability for their students. Increasingly, teachers turn to lesson resources they have developed themselves, borrowed from colleagues, or downloaded from the internet. The district’s materials gather dust, and district leaders are left with curriculum chaos. Sound familiar?

White Paper

Overcoming Challenges to Standards Alignment

January 2023

Are materials as poorly aligned as teachers perceive? Learning List has reviewed the alignment of over 3,300 widely used PreK-12 instructional materials. Our subject matter experts review the citations (e.g., lessons, activities, assessments) listed in each publisher’s correlation for alignment to the content, context, and cognitive rigor of each standard. We find that core materials are generally aligned to most (though not all) of the standards. The alignment of supplemental materials is much more variable.

White Paper

Navigating to Successful Student Outcomes with Standards-Aligned Instruction

November 2022

Covid-19 has made achieving the goal of preparing all students with the skills they need to progress in school and life immeasurably more challenging. Since student progress is most often measured by performance on standards-aligned assessments, delivering standards-aligned instruction paves the road for student success. In this whitepaper, we distinguish the roles of state standards, curriculum, and instructional materials in the delivery of standards-aligned instruction. We then discuss how to build a culture of standards alignment in your district or campus and provide guidance regarding using materials most effectively to support standards-aligned instruction.

Do your materials support?


Do Your Instructional Materials Support and Reinforce Questioning That Promotes Critical Thinking?

September 22, 2022

Selecting instructional materials that align with campus or district goals for instruction support quality instruction and learning. Next time you are selecting instructional materials, consider reviewing the material’s questions adding as an indicator of quality.


How Changes to State Assessments May Impact the Efficacy of Your Instructional Materials

May 17, 2022

When state assessments are revised, you undoubtedly consider the instructional implications of the changes. Do you also consider how the revisions may impact the efficacy of your current materials? For example, many instructional materials contain quizzes and tests comprised predominantly of multiple-choice questions.


Research on Effective Tutoring Techniques

February 27, 2022

U.S. Secretary of Education Cardona set out his Vision for Education in America. He discussed the importance of keeping schools open and strategies for helping students catch up and succeed, including targeted, intensive (high-dose) tutoring.

Much attention and many resources have been focused on providing tutoring to help close students’ learning gaps. What are the ingredients of a successful tutoring program? Several studies provide guidance.

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Over the years, numerous subscribing districts have contacted us for help finding instructional materials to consider for a new course they were planning to offer. We would contact other districts that subscribe to our service and compile a materials list for the relevant course. One day, a grateful curriculum director explained that the list we gave her had saved her staff weeks of work. That sparked an idea! We could leverage our relationships with districts and publishers alike to create a robust materials list for the range of subjects and courses schools offer.

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