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Curriculum Alignment

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Curriculum and assessment reviews tailored to meet a district’s needs

District curriculum reviews for standards alignment, vertical alignment, depth of knowledge (DOK), instructional quality, and completeness

Assessment reviews for standards alignment, alignment to the district curriculum (taught-tested alignment), and depth of knowledge

Gap analysis reviews to identify gaps in the district’s curriculum and/or assessments when state standards change

Online professional development provided as facilitated, online courses, for at least 2 hours of continuing education credit on standards alignment, curriculum alignment, and more

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“This is the high-quality, honest review we have come to expect from Learning List. We believe that educators will be well-served with this information.”

Chief Curriculum Officer
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“I understand alignment, but our conversations have given me a much deeper understanding. You have definitely helped me strengthen our correlations, which will benefit our customer and our company.”

Instructional Designer
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“I went through the findings and am so pleased with the thoroughness and detail in your work.”

Editor, Curriculum Expert
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“I was dreading the process but you made it easy for us. My teams have found no inaccuracies with your reports and commented on how organized your reports were for us to review. “

Regional Vice President
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“I am sure glad we chose to seek assistance from Learning List. We learned a lot and the professionalism showed to us was outstanding.”

Director of State Partnerships
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“It’s been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to bringing our next course to Learning List in the near future.”

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“It is clear that Learning List has selected standards/content experts to complete their reviews. “

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Curriculum alignement
K-12 Curriculum Alignment

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