Supplemental Math Product: Get More Math for TEKS

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Would your teachers like to have more math practice problems for their students? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Get More Math.

Get More Math is a supplemental math program for grades 4-8, Algebra I and Geometry. This adaptive program provides sets of practice problems based on assignments made by the teacher, along with a cumulative review that provides spiraled practice of skills previously taught. It is designed to work as part of the instructional cycle, generally as part of guided or independent practice. Instruction, remediation, and assessment are not part of the program.

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New Review: Imagine Math

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Imagine Math supplemental materials

Does your district need supplemental math materials to support students in K-8? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Imagine Learning’s Imagine Math.

Imagine Learning’s Imagine Math is an adaptive digital program designed to supplement core mathematics instruction for grades PreK-Geometry. Learning List recently reviewed the content for grades PreK-8.

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New Curriculum Review: STEMscopes Math Grades 6-Algebra I

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Does your district need math instructional materials that develop critical thinking skills? Learning List has just reviewed the quality, alignment and technology compatibility of Accelerate Learning’s STEMscopes Math. This blog post shares a few highlights from our reviewer’s review.

Accelerate Learning’s STEMscopes Math is a comprehensive mathematics program for grades K-Algebra I. Learning List recently completed a curriculum review of grades 6-Algebra I. The materials are digital, with the option of printing PDF documents for most program components.

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Tips for Mapping Materials to Your District Curriculum (Part 2)

Person climbing a staircase to reach success. The first step is labeled "Learning," the next is labeled "Training." The third step is labeled "Instruction," and four step is "Practice." The top step is labeled "Success."

This is the second of two blog posts about mapping instructional materials to a district curriculum. The first blog discussed developing a common definition of alignment, becoming familiar with your materials, and important considerations when identifying citations (lessons, activities, quizzes) in your materials to map to the district curriculum. This blog contains five more tips.

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Tips for Mapping Materials to Your District Curriculum (Part 1)

Curriculum Mapping Metaphor: Image of a square peg on top of a round hole

As you may have experienced, curriculum mapping can feel like you are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. In this blog, we shared five important tips for mapping instructional materials to your district curriculum. Since that blog was published, we have helped many more districts with various curriculum alignment tasks. In this two-part blog series, we share a few more tips from our experience.

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How Changes to State Assessments May Impact the Efficacy of Your Instructional Materials

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State departments of education generally revise state assessments when the standards for the content area have been revised. In such circumstances, districts generally purchase new materials. However, as this blog post discusses, several forces may cause state education leaders to implement widespread changes to state assessments, as recently occurred in Texas. Starting with the spring 2023 administration, the Texas state assessments will be administered online and will include 14 new types of questions, cross-curricular passages, and evidence-based writing. 

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New Curriculum Review: Holt McDougal Biology Review

Does your district own Holt McDougal Biology? If so, take a look at Learning List’s reviews, which include a review of alignment to the streamlined science TEKS.

New Review of Science Materials

Holt McDougal’s Biology is a comprehensive program designed to support Texas high school Biology. The content is available in print and digital formats, in both English and Spanish. While this material is no longer sold by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Learning List recently reviewed the digital version of the material to meet subscribers’ requests.

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New Product: Newsela ELA

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Do your teachers need texts and resources to supplement ELA instruction? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Newsela ELA.

Newsela is a digital platform that provides diverse content, lessons, and activities intended to supplement core curriculum in English Language Arts (ELA), social studies, or science. Learning List recently reviewed the content for ELA. The program intends to provide engaging content and lessons that offer relevance, choice, and skills practice to complement districts’ ELA instruction and core materials. 

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Research on Effective Tutoring Techniques


Late last month, U.S. Secretary of Education Cardona set out his Vision for Education in America. He discussed the importance of keeping schools open and strategies for helping students catch up and succeed, including targeted, intensive (high-dose) tutoring.

Much attention and many resources have been focused on providing tutoring to help close students’ learning gaps. What are the ingredients of a successful tutoring program? Several studies provide guidance: 

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New Curriculum Review: Edgenuity’s English I-IV

English Parts of a Sentence

Is your district looking for materials to support credit recovery and independent learning in ELA? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Edgenuity’s English I-IV.

Edgenuity’s English platform provides comprehensive, online courses intended to support students in developing the skills required for high school English. Courses can be used for original credit or credit recovery in a variety of blended learning and self-paced environments.

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