New Product Review: Sharon Wells Mathematics Program

Sharon Wells Mathematics Program is a comprehensive product that supports mathematics instruction and preparation for Texas STAAR exams in grades 2-5. Content is available in print format. Instruction is tailored to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) at each grade level and emphasizes preparation for standardized tests. Learning List recently reviewed resources for grade 4.

The Sharon Wells Mathematics Program is organized in six 6-week units. Daily resources support 90 minutes of math instruction and are made up primarily of black and white problem-solving worksheets. At grade 4, instruction is organized in four core components: (1) Problem Solving/Process TEKS, (2) Basic Facts, (3) Skills, and (4) Concepts. Each component begins with a list of the TEKS covered by instruction and includes open-ended and multiple-choice practice problems. Multiple-choice problems are formatted to reflect STAAR exams. [Read more…]

Each week has an assessment, and each six-week unit ends with a comprehensive review and assessment. Assessments and reviews are made up of multiple-choice questions. For each assessment resource, teachers have a “Student Performance Data” sheet which lists the Reporting Category and TEKS addressed by each test item. Teachers enter each student’s name and whether they answered each item correctly. Completed sheets enable teachers to see patterns in students’ responses and to group students for re-teaching and remediation.

About the Sharon Wells Mathematics Program

The Sharon Wells Mathematics Program is designed on the principle of maintaining unique recurring methods and pedagogical beliefs for implementing effective mathematics instruction for young learners such as:

  • Providing rigorous and in-depth lessons, frequent assessments, and spiraled repetition of readiness concepts
  • Real life, hands–on lessons using manipulatives
  • Building a strong foundation for understanding with conceptual learning opportunities from concrete to abstract activities
  • Active learning experiences to conceptualize skills being taught

The Program strives to create lessons that engage students so they can build the conceptual foundation and develop the mathematical processes needed for strengthening cognitive math skills, algebraic reasoning and problem solving.

This will not only lead to success in the current grade level, but prepare students to transfer the learning to higher level mathematics.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from the Sharon Wells Mathematics Program.

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