New Product Review: TeachTransform Master Fractions

Learning List has reviewed TeachTransform’s Master Fractions. This is a supplemental product that supports mathematics instruction in grades 2-5. Resources are available in print format and are designed for teachers. The text’s blackline masters must be copied for student use. Instruction focuses solely on fractions; other math content is not addressed. At each grade level, Master Fractions provides a variety of activities that help students develop the conceptual understanding needed to master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) related to fractions.

At each grade level, Master Fractions is organized in sections, or units, made up of lessons that address specific concepts related to fractions. For example, at grade 4, sections address (1) representing and iterating fractions, (2) equivalent fractions, (3) comparing fractions, and (4) adding and subtracting fractions. Instruction emphasizes the use of visual models and simple manipulatives. Content is presented simply in black and white print and is designed for teacher use. [Read more…]

Each activity contains “Teacher Notes” that clarify the purpose of the lesson, reference the relevant TEKS, and provide detailed guidance in preparing for and delivering instruction. Guidance includes “Meaning Behind the Math” background information in math concepts, and “Working the Classroom” pedagogical support in the use of models, manipulatives, and other strategies (e.g., word walls). The “Reading, Writing, and Speaking to Improve Critical Thinking” feature suggests strategies to develop students’ academic vocabulary and the ability to communicate mathematical reasoning in written and spoken formats.

About TeachTransform*

The TeachTransform series was created by Carol Gautier, a Texas mathematics educator whose career has included teaching middle school math in Round Rock ISD, working as a Project Coordinator for Math and Science at Education Service Center Region 13, and serving as the Supervisor of Mathematics for Austin ISD. Her goal in creating the TeachTransform products is to provide meaningful math materials that help math teachers fine-tune their use of class time and to help students to love math.


*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from TeachTransform.

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