New Product Review: Sharon Wells Mathematics Program

Sharon Wells Mathematics

Sharon Wells Mathematics Program is a comprehensive product that supports mathematics instruction and preparation for Texas STAAR exams in grades 2-5. Content is available in print format. Instruction is tailored to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) at each grade level and emphasizes preparation for standardized tests. Learning List recently reviewed resources for grade 4.

The Sharon Wells Mathematics Program is organized in six 6-week units. Daily resources support 90 minutes of math instruction and are made up primarily of black and white problem-solving worksheets. At grade 4, instruction is organized in four core components: (1) Problem Solving/Process TEKS, (2) Basic Facts, (3) Skills, and (4) Concepts. Each component begins with a list of the TEKS covered by instruction and includes open-ended and multiple-choice practice problems. Multiple-choice problems are formatted to reflect STAAR exams. [Read more…]

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