New Product Review: Teacher Created Materials TIME for Kids: Exploring Nonfiction

Teacher Created Materials’ TIME for Kids: Exploring Nonfiction is a supplemental product that supports reading instruction in grades K-5. Content is available in print format. Instruction focuses on developing students’ reading comprehension skills using short, Informational texts that address a variety of content areas and student interests. Learning List recently reviewed resources for grade 4.

Exploring Nonfiction’s grade 4 resources are contained in a classroom kit that includes sets of nonfiction text cards addressing topics in math, social studies, science, and language arts. Cards are numbered and color coded by subject area (e.g., green = science). The front of each text card presents a short nonfiction piece, such as an article or letter. The back of each card contains “Comprehension Connection” and “Skill Focus” features, a list of key vocabulary, and a “Writing Extension” task. [Read more…]

Each Exploring Nonfiction text card may be used to support one or more lessons that develop specific reading skills, such as using maps, referencing a glossary, and summarizing information. Reading selections are cross-curricular and address topics in science, social studies, math, and language arts. Nonfiction content is provided by TIME for Kids and is differentiated for students reading at- and below grade level.

About Teacher Created Materials*

Teacher Created Materials (TCM) is a leading educational publisher with products that are used in classrooms in all 50 states and in 89 countries. Everything TCM publishes is still created by teachers for teachers and students because they still believe that no one knows what teachers need more than other teachers and they know that all students can become lifelong learners. And each year TCM provides professional development to over 10,000 teachers, helping them to perfect their craft.

It is that sense of commitment to teachers, students, and the community that exemplifies TCM’s mission, vision, and values and underlies everything they do.

Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Teacher Created Materials.

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