New Product Review: Scientific Minds Science Sidekicks

Scientific Minds Science SidekicksLearning List has reviewed Scientific Minds’ Science Sidekicks, which is a supplemental product that supports science instruction in grades 3-5. Content is web-based and includes some printable components.  Instruction focuses on “chunking” standards into small, manageable amounts of content that are easy for students to understand. Lessons are presented using interactive slideshows that include opportunities for teacher-led whole group instruction, small group work, and independent study. [Read more…]

Science Sidekicks is structured in units that address topics in life science, physical science, earth and space science, and science and engineering practices. Units are made up of module-based lessons that are organized using the 5E Instructional Model (i.e., engage, explain, explore, elaborate, evaluate). Each module’s instruction is accessed through an interactive slideshow. All student resources are also available in Spanish, and instruction in Spanish mirrors the content, organization, and format of instruction in English.

Each module contains an inquiry-based activity, a printable “Guided Notes” page, and a set of three Exit Tickets. Guided Notes contain fill-in-the blank and open-ended journal questions for students to complete as they learn new content. Exit Tickets support lesson closure and formative assessment of students’ understanding.

About Scientific Minds*

Scientific Minds is a teacher-built company that provides online teaching tools for grades 3-12 science.  Schools love Scientific Minds’ programs because they are teacher-friendly and promote student success. Scientific Minds’ programs support scientific literacy, vocabulary acquisition, test preparedness, and college readiness.  Programs offer tools for review, remediation, and English language proficiency.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Scientific Minds.

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