New Product Review: myON

myONmyON is a supplemental online product that supports cross-curricular reading instruction in grades K-12. Content is formatted as a digital library of authentic texts organized by theme and reading level. Most texts are non-fiction and informational. The library is searchable by keyword and a variety of filters, including standards. Resources enable independent student reading and group instruction using interactive whiteboards. Learning List conducted and editorial review for myON’s K-12 library. We did not conduct an alignment review because myON is a library focused on developing students’ reading skills; it does not teach state standards. [Read me…]

myON is a digital library designed to meet the needs of students at every reading level. Students begin their work in myON by indicating their interests (e.g., sports, science) and whether they prefer texts in English and/or Spanish. Students then take an adaptive placement assessment that measures their reading level. After the assessment, the program automatically recommends books that match the student’s reading level and interest areas. Students may search books by keyword, browse by topic (e.g., “Scary & Gross”), and save their selections to a reading list. myON provides Spanish-language texts for grades K-9. Many texts at grades K-2 are bilingual and present content in both English and Spanish.

myON contains a “News” feature that provides age-appropriate reports of current events (e.g., the Supreme Court starts its new session). Reports include a mapping tool that locates where events occur (e.g., Washington, DC) and relevant information about the location, such as the language spoken, the distance to the location, and fun facts (e.g., “Workers completed the Supreme Court building in 1935.”).

About myON*

myON is designed to provide a student centered, personalized literacy environment that offers unlimited access to thousands of enhanced digital books, dynamically matched to each individual learner’s interests and Lexile reading level, along with a suite of literacy tools that foster engagement and achievement.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from myON.

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