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Cengage Learning’s New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2016, Comprehensive, is a comprehensive resource that supports instruction in Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles courses.  Content is available in print and eBook formats, and additional online materials are available from Cengage. Learning List has reviewed the course’s eBook and online content.Instruction begins with an introduction, “The Digital Revolution,” that provides the history of digital technology and its role in social, political, and economic change. Subsequent chapters address digital content, digital devices, networks, the Web, social media, software, digital security, the ICT industry, information systems, databases, and programming. Instruction addresses the real-world applications of computer science and its role in a wide range of careers. The course includes articles that explore the controversial issues in computer science (e.g., data mining) and new developments (e.g., cloud technology) in the field.When accessing the course eBook through Cengage’s CourseMate LMS, students have access to an audio reader, highlighting and note taking tools, a searchable course glossary and general purpose dictionary (i.e., Mirriam-Webster), and interactive flashcards of key terms. Other online resources include tools to create customized study guides and SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) resources that provide training and assessment in Microsoft Office software and technology-related topics.

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[Source: Cengage Learning]
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