New Review: The University of Chicago’s Information Now: A Graphic Guide to Student Research

Learning List recently reviewed Information Now: A Graphic Guide to Student Research from The University of Chicago Press. This supplemental resource is available in print and eBook formats and provides an introduction to information literacy and research. Learning List recently reviewed print resources for their support of instruction in Advanced Placement (AP) Research and AP Seminar courses.

Reviewers found Information Now to be an engaging introduction to academic research. The text is presented in the form of a graphic novel and uses black and white comic-book-style illustrations and incorporates a humorous approach instruction. The text does not address the full scope of a research methodology course; instead, it focuses more narrowly on how to find, evaluate, and use information ethically and effectively. Instruction seeks to move students away from general Google searches and reliance on sources such as Wikipedia.

Chapters address techniques for searching Web resources, library catalogs and databases, and academic journals. Students learn strategies for finding credible sources, identifying bias, and ensuring that sources are cited appropriately in their work.  The text emphasizes the value of library resources and librarian expertise when conducting research and covers current issues, such as the use of metadata and search engines.

Each chapter ends with critical thinking activities that ask students to reflect on their prior experiences conducting research as well as the new skills they are learning. Students are encouraged to use social media (e.g., blogs, Twitter, websites) to track and reflect on their learning.

[Source: The University of Chicago]
[Source: The University of Chicago]
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