New Review: Imagine Language & Literacy

Story Map Imagine Language & Literacy

Imagine Language & Literacy supplemental materials

Would your students benefit from a digital material to supplement their language arts instruction? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Imagine Learning’s Imagine Language and Literacy.

Imagine Language and Literacy is an adaptive digital program designed to accelerate students’ reading and language proficiency. Learning List recently reviewed the content for grades K-5. The material intends to supplement core literacy instruction by providing lessons and practice in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

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New Product Review: Learning Farm Mathematics

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Is your district looking for a supplemental math program to support skill development and remediation in middle school? Take a look at Learning List’s reviews of Learning Farm.

Learning Farm is a supplemental online program that provides instruction and adaptive practice activities to support students’ learning of the TEKS for mathematics, English language arts and reading, and science for students in grades K-8. Learning List recently reviewed the mathematics content for grades 6-8.

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New Product Review: Carnegie Learning’s Integrated Math

Carnegie Learning High School Math Solutions: Integrated Math (I-III)Learning List has reviewed Carnegie Learning’s Integrated Math Series. This is a set of comprehensive integrated mathematics products for high school students in Integrated Math I-III courses. Content is available in print and blended learning (i.e., print and digital) formats.  The program focuses on developing conceptual understanding and procedural fluency through collaborative learning experiences. Adaptive online resources support differentiated instruction and self-paced learning. [Read more…]

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New AP Curriculum Review: Trivedi AP Chemistry in a Flash

Trivedi AP ChemistryTrivedi AP Chemistry in a Flash  supports instruction in Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry courses. Content is software based and is contained on a flash drive (i.e., USB drive); a textbook is not provided. A variety of resources, including interactive slide shows, PowerPoints, and PDF notes, support independent student study. [Read more…]

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New Product Review: is a supplemental online product that supports the development of academic vocabulary across core subject areas in grades 5-12. Content is fully online and some resources, such as vocabulary lists, may be printed. Instruction is adaptive. The program adjusts the level of difficulty based on individual student responses. [Read more…]

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New Review: Istation

Learning List recently reviewed Istation’s supplemental reading and writing resources for grades K-8. Content is presented digitally and includes printable resources. The adaptive instructional program identifies and addresses gaps in learning and supports intervention at each Response to Intervention (RtI) tier. The highly visual program engages students with humorous, animated content that frequently addresses topics in science. Instruction is presented by animated characters in an engaging, game-like format that includes direct instruction and guided and independent practice. …[read more]

How to Use Online Instructional Materials Effectively with Struggling Students

With the beginning of spring semester comes many decisions regarding ways to help struggling students grasp the required standards before state assessments. Teachers often turn to online instructional materials to help reinforce the concepts and skills for these students. Many online materials offer formative assessments, individualized learning paths, reteach lessons, and various reports on student learning. If used correctly, these …

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