New AP Curriculum Review: Trivedi AP Chemistry in a Flash

Trivedi AP ChemistryTrivedi AP Chemistry in a Flash  supports instruction in Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry courses. Content is software based and is contained on a flash drive (i.e., USB drive); a textbook is not provided. A variety of resources, including interactive slide shows, PowerPoints, and PDF notes, support independent student study. [Read more…]

Trivedi AP Chemistry is organized in chapters that present content in (1) interactive slide shows, (2) PowerPoint presentations, and (3) related PDF notes. Chapters are broken into numbered sections. Section numbers allow users to identify the corresponding content across the set of instructional resources. Slide shows provide direct instruction and opportunities for guided and independent practice. Students have access a PowerPoint presentation of each chapter’s content. PDF notes are organized by chapter section and clarify definitions of new vocabulary and provide concise explanations of concepts with illustrations that support understanding.

Chapters end with a set of multiple choice and/or open-ended practice problems. Problem sets are adaptive and provide more challenging problems when students answer correctly and simpler problems for students who are struggling with concepts. Some chapters include quizzes, practice tests, and standardized test practice questions.

About Trivedi AP Chemistry*

Trivedi Chemistry is on a mission to bring 21st century technology to education. In 2006 the company released its pioneering general chemistry course on DVD-ROM. Today, Trivedi Chemistry the following courses on a flash drive platform and direct download:

  • AP Chemistry
  • General Chemistry (full year of college)
  • General/Organic and Biochemistry (for health sciences)
  • High School Chemistry.

Trivedi Chemistry was founded by Dr. Ketan M. Trivedi, chemistry professor and visionary in educational software.  Trivedi Chemistry designs chemistry courses to engage students and empower teachers, using interactive technology for the digital age.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Trivedi Chemistry.

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