New Product Review: is a supplemental online product that supports the development of academic vocabulary across core subject areas in grades 5-12. Content is fully online and some resources, such as vocabulary lists, may be printed. Instruction is adaptive. The program adjusts the level of difficulty based on individual student responses. [Read more…] provides a variety of activities to help students build their academic vocabulary. Teachers may assign vocabulary using the program’s pre-made lists or teachers may develop customized vocabulary lists that address their specific needs. Vocabulary lists may be printed and include detailed definitions of each word, including etymological information and explanations of usage.

Instruction is adaptive. As students demonstrate mastery of basic definitions, the program provides questions that test their understanding of more nuanced usage and peripheral meanings. Based on individual student response patterns, the program uses data to predict words that may present challenges.’s “Personalized Learning Programs” customize instruction for each student. Students may add words to their lists, and the program automatically adds words that students have struggled with.

About* has its roots in the Visual Thesaurus, the interactive thesaurus and dictionary developed by the team at Thinkmap, a software company known for using visualization to facilitate communication, learning, and discovery. As the Visual Thesaurus evolved, we recognized the need for an instructional technology that would empower learners to unpack the complexity and nuances of the English language in a way that was systematic, engaging and adaptive. Our multidisciplinary team of educators, lexicographers, data scientists, and developers, united by a love of words and a good challenge, designed and built

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