Are Digital Resources or Textbooks More Effective? OECD Weighs In

Are digital resources more effective than textbooks? They are certainly more trendy these days. Although Learning List has reviewed hundreds of instructional materials in both formats, it’s difficult for us to say that one format is better than another.

Models Matter

When selecting materials, one important criterion educators should consider is the instructional model on which the material is based. Resources should mirror and support the model the district uses or else instruction may become disjointed. Over the next few months, Learning List’s blog will discuss the instructional models most frequently implemented in the products we review. Our discussion will seek to highlight the key attributes of each model and clarify where a particular model may or may not be an appropriate structure for content.

New Reviews: Sensible Solutions’ “A Common Sense Guide for Teaching Common Core Literacy”

Sensible Solutions’ A Common Sense Guide for Teaching Common Core Literacy is a resource to support grade 6-12 educators in transitioning to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for literacy. The print-based Guide clarifies the CCSS and the progression of literacy standards across grade levels. Learning List has completed reviews of the materials for grades 6-12.

New Review: CompuScholar’s Kid Coder – Web Design

CompuScholar’s KidCoder: Web Design is a year-long, online course that covers all topics generally included in introductory web-design programs at the middle school and high school level. Instruction meets the requirements for Texas Web Design courses and no prior programming experience is required. The course addresses the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills needed to create websites in both the Windows …

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What Information Should Staff Take to the School Board?

Over the last several weeks, several curriculum directors have called to ask what information they should take to the school board about the materials they are proposing for local adoption. Since the commissioner may ask for documentation to support the superintendent/board’s TEKS certification (i.e., to prove that materials are aligned to 100% of the TEKS for each grade and subject in the required curriculum, except PE), district staff would be prudent to provide the board with an alignment report or evidence…

Complying with the 100% Rule

On March 24, Superintendents received TEA’s “To the Administrator Addressed” letter regarding ordering instructional materials and certifying their district’s compliance with the 100% Rule. State-adopted, non-adopted, comprehensive and supplemental materials may be considered when certifying that the district’s materials align to 100% of the TEKS for each grade/subject.

TASBO 2015: “Don’t Make a Million Dollar Mistake”

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