The Road to Singapore Math – Customized for U.S. Students

Since the mid-1990s, Singapore’s students have ranked at the top of international comparisons of mathematics scores on exams such as the TIMSS and PISA. Given this success, many U.S. schools have sought to implement Singapore’s model of math instruction, which focuses on developing a deep understanding of numbers and concepts. To support these efforts, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt worked with Marshall …

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Content in Context: What’s New for the Instructional Materials Review/Adoption Process?

During June 2-4, several hundred representatives from publishing companies, EdTech companies and other educational service providers will be gathering for the Content in Context (CIC) Conference in the Capital Hilton in Washington. D.C. ; as the learning resource industry changes at an exponential pace, CIC is the premier event for presenting preK-12 strategies and advice to develop quality education content …

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Ensuring Instructional Materials Are Aligned to the CCSS

Catherine Gewertz’s recent Edweek column, New Tools Gauge Fidelity of Lessons to Common Core, summarizes current efforts to ensure that instructional materials are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  Not surprisingly, the column mentions Learning List as one new tool to help educators “size up” instructional materials and their alignment to the CCSS.    

Learning List Steps Up

Increasingly, policy groups and thought leaders are pointing to the need for a resource, such as Learning List, that provides objective reviews of instructional materials.  They assert that the need for independent, objective reviews has increased (1) as new instructional materials are introduced to support Common Core implementation, and (2) as more states deregulate their instructional materials markets and allow …

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Why Should You Visit Learning List’s Booth at TASA Mid-Winter?

Learning List doubles/triples/quadruples the capacity of your district’s curriculum staff. Tools on make it easy for curriculum directors to identify products (state-adopted, non-adopted, open-source) that address 100% of the TEKS.  Learning List helps superintendents and board presidents comply with the 100% Rule. Campus Leadership Teams can use Learning List’s alignment reports to design TEKS-aligned curriculum maps and lesson plans for each instructional material …

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Introducing Learning List’s Blog

We are happy to launch Learning List’s blog. Not surprisingly, our blog will focus on selecting and purchasing instructional materials and online courses. More specifically, we hope our posts will help educators review and select the instructional materials best suited to meet their students’ unique needs. Our blog posts will address such topics as: Understanding the standards; aligning to standards; …

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