Complying with the 100% Rule

100 percentOn March 24, Superintendents received TEA’s “To the Administrator Addressed” letter regarding ordering instructional materials and certifying their district’s compliance with the 100% Rule. The commissioner of education may require districts to submit supporting documentation about the instructional materials on which the certification is based.

State-adopted, non-adopted, comprehensive and supplemental materials may be considered when certifying that the district’s materials align to 100% of the TEKS for each grade/subject.  Can you prove that your district’s instructional materials, individually or in the aggregate, are aligned to 100% of the TEKS for each grade/subject?

Learning List has reviewed over 800 comprehensive and supplemental materials in all four core subjects. For each state-adopted and non-adopted material, Learning List provides an independent alignment report showing to which standards the material is aligned and the alignment percentage.

Subscribing districts can access all completed reviews and can also request reviews of additional materials, including materials the district is using, at no additional cost.

Please contact us for more information about how our service can provide confidence that your district is in compliance with the 100% Rule.

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