New Reviews: Sensible Solutions’ “A Common Sense Guide for Teaching Common Core Literacy”

[Source: Sensible Solutions]
[Source: Sensible Solutions]
Sensible SolutionsA Common Sense Guide for Teaching Common Core Literacy is a resource to support grade 6-12 educators in transitioning to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for literacy. The print-based Guide clarifies the CCSS and the progression of literacy standards across grade levels. Content is primarily designed to support teachers in adapting their instruction and materials to meet the demands of the CCSS. The Guide’s first chapter breaks down each standard into its core concepts and tracks the development of concepts across grade levels. Learning List has completed reviews of the materials for grades 6-12.

The Guide also contains guidance and supplementary materials for teaching literature and informational texts. These materials define key concepts (e.g., tone and voice) and provide examples and tips to help clarify meaning for students. Other resources include an extensive glossary of terms and concepts that apply to the CCSS and 300 pages of multiple-choice and open-ended questions that teachers may adapt and use for assessment.

About Sensible Solutions*

[Source: Sensible Solutions]
[Source: Sensible Solutions]
Sensible Solutions of Norton, Massachusetts, is an educational publishing company that is dedicated to providing quality school supplies and teaching aids at unbeatable prices. Co-founded by a middle school English Language Arts teacher of 9 years and former United States Recon Marine and entrepreneur, the company has combined its experience and expertise to build a business that caters to the unique needs of today’s teachers. Their aim is to save teachers time and money and to stay current on the educational trends and initiatives. With the Common Core Standards Initiative, they continue to strive to showcase the best products on the market to help teachers implement the new standards and will continue to offer new, innovative products as they are developed. Visit their site to see what’s new.

* The content in this section is provided by or adapted from Sensible Solutions, Inc..

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