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Repurposing your existing materials for tutoring has several advantages: it saves the district money, and it saves students and teachers the stress of having to become familiar with a new material. The challenge in repurposing your materials for tutoring is identifying suitable content that you have not already used. 

Side-by-side comparison of three math products.

Learning List’s alignment reports and Alignment Comparison tool make it easy to identify content in your current materials that you can use for tutoring. However, here are three steps for accomplishing this task without our tools.

(1) Determine which of your existing materials are aligned to the standards students are struggling with. Using the publisher’s correlation documents, make a grid with (a) the standards your students are struggling with listed vertically down the page, and (b) the titles of the materials you have for the grade level/subject listed horizontally across the top of the page. Identify which of your existing materials addresses each of the standards your student(s) are struggling with.

(2) Make a list of citations from those materials that you can use to reteach each standard: Using the grid and the publisher’s correlation for each material, identify three of four citations (lessons, activities, quizzes) in each material that you can use to reteach the standards students are struggling with. Make sure that students have not already seen the lessons, activities, quizzes you are listing. Also consider whether the material has the adaptions your student(s) need.

(3) Check the alignment of those citations before using them for tutoring. In order for students to learn the knowledge and skills they are lacking, the citations used for tutoring must be aligned to the standards being retaught. We often find that publishers correlation documents include citations that are only partially aligned to the standards. Therefore, before using the citations you have listed for tutoring, check to make sure that they teach all of the knowledge and skills the standard requires students to know.

This can be a time-consuming process. However, once you have completed it, you can use the grid and list of citations to deliver targeted, effective tutoring for as many students as need it. Contact us if you need guidance.

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