Research on Effective Tutoring Techniques


Late last month, U.S. Secretary of Education Cardona set out his Vision for Education in America. He discussed the importance of keeping schools open and strategies for helping students catch up and succeed, including targeted, intensive (high-dose) tutoring.

Much attention and many resources have been focused on providing tutoring to help close students’ learning gaps. What are the ingredients of a successful tutoring program? Several studies provide guidance: 

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Tips and Tools for Tutoring

Repurposing your existing materials for tutoring has several advantages: it saves the district money, and it saves students and teachers the stress of having to become familiar with a new material. The challenge in repurposing your materials for tutoring is identifying suitable content that you have not already used. 

Side-by-side comparison of three math products.

Learning List’s alignment reports and Alignment Comparison tool make it easy to identify content in your current materials that you can use for tutoring. However, here are three steps for accomplishing this task without our tools.

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New Product: FEV Tutor for Algebra I

FEV Tutor Logo

Is your district looking for support with math tutoring? Take a look at Learning List’s review of FEV Tutor.

FEV Tutor provides live one-to-one virtual tutoring designed to support individual student learning needs across core content areas. Learning List recently reviewed the content for Algebra I. FEV Tutor partners with school districts and teachers to determine and implement a personalized tutoring plan for each student using FEV Tutor’s “Targeted Lessons”, content provided by the district, or content from other FEV Tutor partners.

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