New Science Curriculum Review: HMH Into Science Texas K-8

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Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt’s Into Science (Into Science) is a comprehensive science program for grades K-8. The program focuses on providing student-centered activities intended to “bring out every student’s inner scientist.” Learning List has reviewed the version of the material submitted for state adoption under Texas Proclamation 2024. While the Texas version includes content specifically aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the material’s format and features are likely the same as in the national version. Thus, the information contained in this review would be useful to districts in every state.

The materials are available in print and in digital format. The digital version of the material is provided on HMH’s Ed platform.

Into Science organizes learning around hands-on activities to help students learn such topics as Matter, Energy, and Earth’s Processes. The material’s structure is based on the 5 E model. Instruction for each grade level is organized into lessons.

Each lesson is designed for 30 minutes of instruction and lessons span multiple days. Lessons are consistently formatted and focus on a single content-based TEKS student expectation. Phenomena, scientific and engineering practices (SEPs), and recurring themes are integrated throughout the lessons.

Multiple hands-on activities are provided in each lesson and structures and routines support critical thinking. For example, one of the recurring activities requires students to write their responses to open-ended questions and defend their claims with evidence. Lessons include formative and summative assessments. Teachers may also create their own assessments in the Ed Platform.

ELPS Minilessons, which are separate lessons provided in the material’s resources on the Ed Platform, provide lesson-specific support for Emerging Bilingual students. Read Learning List’s complete Editorial Review to learn more about the other supports Into Science provides for students with specific learning needs. Learning List’s reviews are available through a subscription. Contact to learn about subscribing to our instructional materials review service. Subscribers get access to alignment, instructional quality, and technology compatibility reviews of more than 3,300 widely used PreK-12 instructional materials and can submit additional materials for review at no additional charge. 

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