New Curriculum Reviews: National Geographic/Cengage Biology and Chemistry

image of the biology material's cover

National Geographic/Cengage’s Biology and World of Chemistry are comprehensive curricula for high school science courses. Learning List reviewed the version of each material submitted for state review under Proclamation 2024 in Texas. Biology focuses on enabling students to build fundamental knowledge of biology through phenomena-based lessons, while World of Chemistry focuses on enabling students to understand chemistry for themselves.

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New Curriculum Reviews for Technology Applications: TechApps for Texas by

Technology Applications: Image of man standing on a laptop surrounded by squared containing representations of applications for technology all around him

TechApps for Texas is a comprehensive digital curriculum for technology applications by The program intends to help students become future-ready by providing lessons based on real-life applications of technology skills. Learning List has reviewed grades K-8 of the version of the material submitted for state review under Proclamation 2024 in Texas. Although some content in the Texas version specifically addresses …

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5 Tips for Using Materials Strategically to Close Learning Gaps

Selecting materials for closing learning gaps: image of woman with too many choices

Selecting materials to remediate students’ learning gaps can be a daunting task. If you have access to multiple materials, and you are feeling overwhelmed by the choices, here are five tips to help you identify which of your current materials to use and how to use them effectively to address your students’ learning gaps.  (1) Use available assessment data to identify your students’ …

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New High School Science Reviews: Kiddom’s OpenStax Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Thumbnail of high school biology material

OpenStax powered by Kiddom provides comprehensive science programs for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The materials are available in digital format through the Kiddom platform or in print. The Biology material intends to support “biology courses for science majors” through an evolutionary lens while highlighting careers in biology. Chemistry intends to support students in learning the core concepts of chemistry and how those concepts apply to the world. Physics focuses on physical concepts, quantitative examples and skills, and interesting applications.

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New Reviews: Studies Weekly’s Texas Science Curriculum (K-5)

Thumbnail of Studies Weekly's Texas Science Curriculum (K-5)

Studies Weekly’s Texas Science (Studies Weekly) is a core science program for grades K-5. The program focuses on engaging students in science using reading, writing, and drawing. The materials are available in print and digital format. The digital format includes printable PDF documents, accessed through the Studies Weekly platform.

Science Weekly organizes learning in units. Units consist of three primary sections: the phenomenon or problem, inquiry activities, and additional activities to support learning the content.

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New Curriculum Review for Anatomy and Physiology: Cengage’s Body Structures and Functions

National Geographic/Cengage’s Body Structures and Functions (National Geographic Anatomy) is a comprehensive science program for high school Anatomy and Physiology. The program focuses on introducing students to the organization, structures, and functions of the body to help them understand how body systems work. The materials are available in print and digital format. Digital components are accessible to students and teachers from National Geographic Learning/Cengage’s interactive MindTap platform.

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New Curriculum Reviews: Discovery’s Science Techbooks (K-8)

Discovery Education’s Science Techbook for Texas (Discovery Texas) is a comprehensive science curriculum for grades K-8. The material focuses on helping students act as scientists and engineers through relevant phenomena, hands-on labs, and interactive activities. The materials are available in print and digital formats. Discovery Texas organizes learning around phenomena and recurring themes and concepts present in the Texas Essential …

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New Science Curriculum Reviews: PhD Science K-5

PhD Science curriculum thumbnail

Great Minds’ PhD Science Texas (PhD Science Texas) is a comprehensive science curriculum for grades K-5. The material focuses on students making sense of and explaining scientific phenomena. The goal of the program is for students to “engage in learning that builds their coherent understanding of scientific knowledge.” As of September 2023, the materials are available in print only.

PhD Science Texas organizes learning in three modules per grade level, based on topics typically addressed in elementary science. Each module includes multiple lessons which are grouped based on related concepts. Lessons are intended for 35 minutes of instruction in grades K-2 and 45 minutes of instruction in grades 3-5.

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New Science Curriculum Reviews: Savvas Texas Experience Science

Cover of Savvas' Texas Experience Grade 5 science curriculum

Savvas’ Texas Experience Science is a comprehensive science curriculum for grades K-8, which focuses on bringing science concepts to life through collaborative, hands-on activities. The material is available in English and in Spanish and in print and digital formats.

Experience Science organizes learning around seven topics in each grade level. Each topic includes a launch, which introduces the topic, an anchoring phenomenon, and multiple “Experiences” (lessons). Experiences are based on the 5E model and span three, four, or five days of instruction, depending on the lesson model teachers select.

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New Science Curriculum Review: HMH Into Science Texas K-8

Looking for an activity-based science curriculum? Don’t miss our reviews of HMH’s Into Science.

Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt’s Into Science (Into Science) is a comprehensive science program for grades K-8. The program focuses on providing student-centered activities intended to “bring out every student’s inner scientist.” Learning List has reviewed the version of the material submitted for state adoption under Texas Proclamation 2024. While the Texas version includes content specifically aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the material’s format and features are likely the same as in the national version. Thus, the information contained in this review would be useful to districts in every state.

The materials are available in print and in digital format. The digital version of the material is provided on HMH’s Ed platform.

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