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[Source: Read Naturally, Inc.]
[Source: Read Naturally, Inc.]
Read Naturally Live is a web-based program that provides differentiated instruction to meet the needs of struggling readers and second language learners in grades 1 through 8. The customizable program supports improved vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension through a system of repeated, timed student reading and includes ongoing phonics instruction in grades 1 through 3. Learning List has completed reviews for the web-based program in grades 1 through 8.

Read Naturally includes a web-based diagnostic assessment of oral reading fluency that ensures students start at the appropriate reading level. Instruction is sequential and addresses multiple reading levels for each elementary and middle school grade. At each reading level, the program provides 24 non-fiction texts that are grouped based on difficulty and include relevant, age-appropriate content. Diverse passages focus on history, science, and biography and address the challenges and accomplishments of real people from a range of backgrounds.

Click above to play the video. [Source;: Read Naturally]
Click above to play the video. [Source: Read Naturally, Inc.]
Audio files help students learn the sounds of letters and the phonics and syllable patterns common to the English language. Through repeated timed readings, students practice decoding words at increasingly faster rates. Timing tools and quizzes allow teachers and students to measure improvements in reading comprehension and fluency. Headphones are recommended to reduce classroom distractions, and Spanish language translations are available for students in grades 1-4. See the video on the right for a brief overview.

About Read Naturally*

In 1989, Candyce Ihnot was a teacher, graduate student, wife, and mother of four active children (ages 18, 14, 12, and 6). That year, as part of her master’s program in special education, Candyce developed a unique and highly effective strategy to help struggling readers achieve fluency. She combined three research-proven methods (teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring) into a simple set of steps that would later become known as the Read Naturally Strategy. Eventually, this strategy would help millions of struggling students read more fluently. Along with her husband, Tom, a high school economics teacher and basketball coach, Candyce founded Read Naturally, Inc., in 1991.

Early on, the husband-and-wife team ran the business from their kitchen table. As Read Naturally’s sales increased, they cleared space in a spare bedroom to expand operations. The kitchen table continued to host “board meetings,” and the basement doubled as the assembly and warehouse space. Candyce developed curriculum materials and trained teachers around the country to implement the strategy. Tom handled the business side of Read Naturally, servicing customers, shipping orders, and keeping the books. All four of their children were employed to stuff envelopes, assemble materials, and carry out countless other tasks. It was truly a family affair—and it still is, after more than 20 years in business. The Read Naturally family has now grown to nearly 30 dedicated and hardworking people, most of whom work in an office less than one mile from the kitchen table where it all started.

The Read Naturally staff prides themselves on the quality of their materials, dedicated service to educators, and the success of students who use their products. They believe that curricula should be interesting and appropriate for each and every student, and that materials should be flexible and adaptable for many situations and environments. Read Naturally believes that teachers understand best the needs of their students, and that teachers should be supported in their efforts through professional development and coaching.

Developing literacy is one of the most important steps toward a successful future. Reading is not only a necessary skill, but also an enjoyable and rewarding practice that enables a lifetime of exploration and discovery. For these reasons, Read Naturally is dedicated to producing better toolsbetter readers, and brighter futures. For more information, click here.

*The content in this section is provided by or adapted from Read Naturally.

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