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[Source: Gourmet Learning]
[Source: Gourmet Learning]
Gourmet Learning Reading is a vertically-aligned, supplemental reading comprehension program for grades 1-8. The flexible program allows teachers to customize instruction for students reading above, on, or below grade level. The program’s modular design meets a range of teaching needs, including whole-class instruction, supplemental instruction, and Response to Intervention (RtI). Content includes multiple opportunities for re-teaching and for students to interact with peers. Learning List has completed reviews for the supplemental reading comprehension program for grades 1-8.

Click above for video. [Source: Gourmet Learning]
Click above for video. [Source: Gourmet Learning]
Instruction emphasizes the skills and strategies that support independence with the reading process and students’ ability to learn from what they read. Across grades, content includes cross-curricular, fiction and nonfiction reading selections with a high level of differentiation to engage diverse learners. Content-related games and collaborative projects provide opportunities for students to interact with classmates.

Teachers monitor student learning through periodic observational assessments of comprehension and skills. Resources include a practice test, a benchmark test, and a final assessment for each unit of instruction. Click the video for a quick overview of Gourmet Learning’s benefits.

About Gourmet Learning*

The Gourmet Learning team has 100+ years of collective classroom experience. Their programs are research-based principles and practices from The National Reading Panel, NCTM, NSTA, Marzano’s and Hunter’s work on effective classroom strategies.

Each reading program actively involves students in critical thinking strategies and application of skills, based on the work of Benjamin Bloom. Lessons are comprehensive in scope, modular in design and are ideal for differentiated instruction.

Our scope includes Math and Reading objectives in many states. “Modular Design” means you can use our materials to teach or reinforce a single learning objective, a summer school course of selected objectives or an entire year’s curriculum. For more information, click here.

*The content in this section is provided by or adapted from Gourmet Learning.

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