New Reviews: CORD Communications “Learning in Context” Math Series

[Source: CORD Communications]
[Source: CORD Communications]
CORD Communications’ “Learning in Context” program for high school math instruction provides courses for Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II in print and digital formats. Across courses, instruction focuses on providing the real-world context for learning mathematics and supporting students’ retention of content.

[Source: CORD Communications]
[Source: CORD Communications]
Each course relies on the “Contextual Learning” instructional model which is built around five strategies abbreviated in the acronym REACT:

  • Relating. Connect content to what students have previously learned
  • Experiencing. Teacher-led instruction and hands-on learning experiences
  • Applying. Solve real-world problems
  • Cooperating. Collaborative learning activities
  • Transferring. Application of skills to new situations and contexts

Courses highlight the application of mathematics in STEM-based careers and include a feature titled “Why should I learn this?” that explains how math is used the workplace (e.g., Opticians use real numbers to classify the curvature of optical lenses).  Instruction includes “Math Application” activities that present multi-step, workplace-related problems. Courses also include lab activities in which students solve hands-on problems using graphing calculators and critical thinking skills.

Teacher editions include pacing guides for blocks of 50-minute periods, strategies for implementing the REACT model, and guidance for in-class assignments and homework. Point-of-use resources include teaching notes, answer keys, and references to related content in ancillary materials.

[Source: CORD Communications]
[Source: CORD Communications]
About CORD: CORD Communications serves the educational market by providing quality products and services designed to improve student achievement by integrating active learning into academic and career and technology classrooms. CORD Communications strives to empower educators to implement contextual learning in the classroom. CORD Communications is affiliated with CORD, the leading educational change agency, and accomplishes its purpose by marketing and disseminating programs developed by CORD and others [Source: CORD Communications].

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