New Instructional Material Reviews: Savvas Texas Social Studies Series

Pearson Texas Social Studies Series [Source: Pearson]
Savvas Texas Social Studies Series Video [Source: Savvas]
Savvas Education’s Texas Social Studies Series provides comprehensive middle school and high school social studies courses in print and digital formats.  Courses support instruction in blended learning and flipped classroom environments and include U.S. History, World History, Economics, and U.S. Government at the high school level and Contemporary World Cultures, Texas History, and U.S. History at the middle school level.  Instruction in each course uses storytelling and project-based learning to engage students in social studies and to make content relevant. Click here for a video overview.

Content is structured using a four-part model: (1) Connect, (2) Investigate, (3) Synthesize and (4) Demonstrate. “Connect” is a start-up activity focused on engaging students in learning. Core instruction is provide in “Investigate” activities that include narrative text, videos, and interactive maps and learning tools. “Synthesize” activities allow students to apply what they have learned. “Demonstrate” includes tests that provide customized remediation or enrichment and performance-based assessments.

Click Picture for a Pearson Demo [Source: Pearson]
Click Picture for a Savvas Demo [Source: Savvas]
Courses include “My Story” videos provided by NBC Learn. My Story videos focus on the lives and experiences of individuals who lived in a particular historical period or geographic region.  Other course resources include “Flipped Videos,” “Interactive Reading Notepads” and “Interactive Primary Source Documents.” Flipped Videos may be used to flip instruction, provide remediation, or to support students who have been absent. The Interactive Reading Notepad identifies new vocabulary, clarifies learning objectives and provides comprehension questions to support the close reading of informational texts. The Primary Source Document resource includes interactive tools and prompts to help all students understand and analyze primary source materials.

Teacher resources include comprehensive lesson plans with overviews of all print and online instructional materials. Lesson plans provide step-by-step guidance in implementing activities with students and point-of-use TEKS and ELPS, differentiation strategies, and professional development videos. Click here for a Savvas demo.

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