New AP Curriculum Review: National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity, AP Edition, Tenth Edition

National Geographic/Cengage's AP Chemistry & Chemical ReativityLearning List has reviewed National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning’s Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity, AP Edition, Tenth Edition. This comprehensive product supports instruction in Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry courses. Content is available in print and eBook formats with additional online resources. The course provides an overview of chemical principles and processes, and the real-world applications of these principles and processes in industry, medicine, and the environment. [Read more…]

Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity organizes core content in five parts: (1) The Basic Tools of Chemistry, (2) Atoms and Molecules, (3) States of Matter, (4) The Control of Chemical Reactions, and (5) The Chemistry of the Elements. Part 1 begins with a short chapter titled “Let’s Review: The Tools of Quantitative Chemistry” reviews of some of the key mathematical concepts needed for the study of chemistry (e.g., units of measurement, graphs and graphing, problem-solving strategies).

Each chapter begins with an outline of chapter sections, and chapter sections begin with statements of the learning goal(s). The text’s artwork helps students understand the relationships between the macroscopic, symbolic, and particulate levels of chemistry. Example problems include step-by-step guidance in identifying solution strategies, implementing strategies, and arriving at solutions. A “Think About Your Answer” feature encourages consideration of each solution’s reasonableness. Embedded checks for understanding are included with each example problem

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