New Review: Cengage Learning’s The Earth and Its Peoples, AP Edition

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Learning List has reviewed Cengage Learning’s The Earth and Its Peoples, AP Edition. This comprehensive resource supports instruction in Advanced Placement (AP) world history courses and is available in print and eBook formats with additional online components.

The course presents balanced coverage of the world’s regions and focuses on the shared experiences and challenges that unite people and cultures across time. Each chapter contains a set of essays that address patterns of development across the world’s societies and cultures:

  • Environment + Technology essays explore how human interaction with physical and social environments has led to innovations that have facilitated development and growth, and led to global change.
  • Diversity + Dominance essays consider the political, social, religious, and economic institutions that have affected human experiences, shaped dominant cultures and traditions, and informed diverse societies, customs, and beliefs.
  • Material Culture essays highlight the role of everyday objects and processes in shaping our understanding of the past.

Online student materials include “CourseMate for World History” and the “Fast Track to a 5: Preparing for the AP World History Examination.”  CourseMate contains maps, videos, quizzes, practice activities, interactive vocabulary flashcards, additional primary source documents (e.g., The Code of Hammurabi), and other materials. Fast Track to a 5 provides a diagnostic test to gauge students’ readiness for the AP exam, study guides with practice quizzes for the world’s regions, and two practice tests formatted to reflect the AP exam with multiple choice and free response questions.

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[Source: Cengage Learning]
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