New Product Review: Imagine Language & Literacy

Imagine Language & Literacy

Learning List has updated the original reviews of Imagine Language & Literacy. Learning List’s review process enables publishers to submit content updates and updates to their product data or technology infrastructure for re-review when substantive changes have been made. Imagine Learning submitted updates to content in Fall of 2018 and Learning List’s alignment reports have been updated to reflect new citations and updated alignment percentages.

Imagine Learning’s Imagine Language & Literacy is a program of digital tutorials that supports the development of language and literacy skills for students in grades PreK-6. The supplemental program uses assessment and performance data to customize instruction for individual students. Its highly visual lessons are designed to engage struggling readers, English learners, and early elementary students. Learning List recently reviewed resources for grades K-5. [Read more…]

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Curriculum Associates’ Ready Common Core Math

Thumb ready common core math instruction grade 8 sb 1Learning List has reviewed print materials for Curriculum Associates’ Ready Common Core Math. This is a supplemental resource for grades K-8 that supports math instruction and mastery of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M). Across grades, instruction addresses grade-level CCSS-M while developing students’ understanding of key concepts and ability to apply concepts to solve real-world problems.

Ready Common Core Math Student Instruction Books present instruction in units organized by the CCSS-M Domains (e.g., Measurement and Data). Lessons are structured using the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) model and presented in four sections: [Read more. . . ]

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Reviews: Khan Academy K-12 Mathematics

Khan Academy provides supplemental open educational resources to support mathematics instruction in grades K-12. The self-paced is freely available online and addresses the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) at each grade level. Learning List has reviewed Khan Academy for grades K-12.

Review: CK-12 Math Concepts

The CK-12 Foundation’s Math Concepts is a series of comprehensive courses for middle school and high school students that are available free online. Learning List has reviewed CK-12 materials with alignment to the CCSS.

New Reviews: LearnZillion’s (OER) Mathematics [Grades 2-12]

LearnZillion is an online, open educational resource that provides supplementary mathematics teaching materials for grades 2-12. Resources are free and address the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Learning List has recently completed reviews of LearnZillion’s OER math materials.

New Reviews: Mathalicious Lessons for Grades 6-8 & HS Math

Mathalicious is an online, supplemental resource that supports Common Core middle school and high school math instruction. Instruction emphasizes the application of math to real-world issues and focuses on algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability at the high school level. Learning List has completed reviews for Mathalicious Lessons for Grades 6-8 as well as Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry.

ORIGO Stepping Stones is 100% Aligned

ORIGO Stepping Stones is a comprehensive, mathematics curriculum for grades K-5 available in English and Spanish. Learning List has verified that Stepping Stones is aligned to 100% of the Common Core math standards in grades K-5, and with newly developed content, is aligned to 100% of the TEKS in grades 1-5, as well.

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