Studies Weekly Is Now 100% Aligned

[Source: American Legacy Publishing]
[Source: American Legacy Publishing]
American Legacy Publishing’s Studies Weekly Texas K-5 Social Studies Series provides resources to support elementary social studies instruction in print and online formats. Content is presented in weekly student magazines that focus on developing reading skills, with a particular focus on informational texts. Student magazines are available in Spanish.

Studies Weekly Video Overview [Source: American Legacy Publishing]
Click Picture for Studies Weekly Video Overview [Source: American Legacy Publishing]
With newly developed content, Learning List has verified that Studies Weekly is aligned to 100% of the TEKS for grades K-5. Studies Weekly was submitted in Spring 2014 for state adoption in Texas as part of Proclamation 2015 and found to be less than 100% aligned at each grade level. The publisher subsequently developed additional content to address the unmet TEKS and submitted the new content to Learning List for review. Learning List has verified that the new content (English version only) is aligned to each of the initially unmet TEKS. Thus, Studies Weekly’s updated alignment percentage is 100% for grades K-5. The publisher is in the process of developing new content for the Spanish version will submit the new Spanish content to Learning List for review, as well.

Texas school districts will receive all yearly materials at the beginning of the year. Magazines present short blocks of age-appropriate text, vivid illustrations of historical content, writing prompts, and related games and activities. At grades K-2, Studies Weekly introduces students to important historical events and figures, social studies concepts (e.g., rules, responsibility, patriotism), and tools (e.g., timelines, maps, globes). Instruction at grade 3 focuses on the role of community and the importance of citizenship. Students learn about Texas history at grade 4 and U.S. history at grade 5. You can request free samples of Studies Weekly materials here.

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