New Reviews: Studies Weekly’s Texas Science Curriculum (K-5)

Studies Weekly’s Texas Science (Studies Weekly) is a core science program for grades K-5. The program focuses on engaging students in science using reading, writing, and drawing. The materials are available in print and digital format. The digital format includes printable PDF documents, accessed through the Studies Weekly platform.

Science Weekly organizes learning in units. Units consist of three primary sections: the phenomenon or problem, inquiry activities, and additional activities to support learning the content.

Within each unit, the content is organized by week, with one or two weeks of instruction per unit, generally focused on a single standard. The material is designed to support an average of 32 weeks of instruction, at 45 minutes per day.

Learning is focused around a cast of characters and their experiences learning science. Units open with the presentation of a phenomenon in a comic strip starring the characters, and then through an image or video. The material includes some investigations and Engineering Design projects that encourage students to act as scientists, lead their own learning, and design their own investigations. A variety of other activities support students in learning the content.

The teacher edition provides instructional resources and printable PDF materials for students. Teacher resources include a background podcast to support the teacher’s content knowledge and detailed, scripted lessons for each unit. Teachers may rearrange the order of the units and the weeks, and they may create their own content. Teachers may also share their class and content with other teachers.

Read Learning List’s Editorial Review to learn how rigorous the material is and how it supports a diverse student population.

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