New Reviews: McGraw-Hill Texas Social Studies Electives

[Source: McGraw-Hill Education]
[Source: McGraw-Hill Education]
McGraw-Hill Education’s Texas Social Studies Series includes comprehensive courses for high school social studies electives, including Economics, Psychology, Sociology, and U.S. Government. Learning List has reviewed this series relative to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

The Economics course introduces students to the fundamentals of economics, including the effects of economic policies and decisions on daily life. Instruction addresses principles of economics and includes background on the key figures and events that have contributed to development of contemporary economic theories.

Understanding Psychology covers fundamental concepts in psychology with a focus on research and statistics in the field.

Sociology and You addresses how social structures shape human societies and behavior.

U.S. Government addresses the foundations, structures, and processes of U.S. government and their effect on civic life.

Teach Your Way [Source:McGraw-Hill Education]
Teach Your Way [Source:McGraw-Hill Education]
In each course, content is organized using Understanding by Design® (UBD) model, which frames instruction in terms of “Enduring Understandings” and “Essential Questions.” Course resources support instruction in blended learning environments and include interactive content and include engaging multimedia features, such as videos and interactive learning tools.

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