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Hybridge (TM)Video [Source: Compass Learning]
Hybridge™ Video [Source: Compass Learning]
Compass Learning’s supplemental Hybridge™ Math program provides interactive, online mathematics instruction for grades K-8. Resources support instruction in blended learning environments and integrate easily with offline content. At the elementary level (K-5), instruction supports the development of algebraic reasoning, data analysis, and financial literacy skills. Content includes multimedia resources that illustrate and explain mathematics concepts in visually appealing segments appropriate to students’ age and attention span.

Hybridge™ Math is a flexible program that may be used to supplement core math instruction in several ways. Teachers may select pre-made lessons that address a particular standard or topic covered in core math instruction. Teachers may also create customized lessons for individual students or groups of students. Customized learning paths are created using diagnostic pre-tests that adapt instruction based on individual student’s needs. Teachers may create their own diagnostic tests using program software or they may use a premade assessment provided by one of Compass Learning’s assessment partners (i.e., Northwest Evaluation Association, Scantron, and Renaissance Learning).

[Source: Compass Learning]
[Source: Compass Learning]
Most lessons take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete and include direct instruction, guided and independent practice, and a short assessment. Lessons increase in complexity across grade levels and include topics in geometry, mathematical operations, measurement and data, algebraic thinking, and financial literacy. At grade K, lessons help students learn to count and understand quantities. Lessons for grades 3-5 include operations with fractions. Instruction is presented in video lessons and narrated slide shows that include interactive games, puzzles, and activities. Familiar, age-appropriate characters engage students with humor, vivid graphics, and a conversational tone. Some lessons include printable worksheets to accompany instruction and most lessons include a short quiz.

EDDIE Award [Source: Computed Gazette]
EDDIE Award [Source: Computed Gazette]
NOTE: Compass Learning, a leader in learning acceleration, has recently earned an Education Software Review (EDDIE) Awards for its newly-released learning acceleration software™ that was selected from submissions worldwide: Hybridge™ won the best Reading/Math solution for Middle School.


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