New Reviews: American Learning Labs’ Getting Ready for Algebra

[Source: American Learning Labs]
[Source: American Learning Labs]
American Learning Labs’ Getting Ready for Algebra is a supplemental print resource to help students in grade 6 prepare for algebra. Content is presented in two self-directed study workbooks that focus on teaching problem-solving skills using clear examples and practice problems. Book One addresses real numbers, prime factorization, fractions, decimals, scientific notation, order of operations, area, and perimeter. Book Two addresses operations with positive and negative numbers, absolute value, constants and variables, and solving equations. Learning List has completed reviews of both resources.

In each workbook, instruction emphasizes the role of practice in developing students’ fluency with concepts. New material is introduced in short explanations written in simple language followed by example problems with step-by-step solutions. After each example, students are presented with similar “Try It” problems and sets of practice problems. A “Stop and Check” icon cues students to check their work using the step-by-step solutions provided in the solutions manual. Test packets are sold separately and include four alternate test forms for each workbook’s chapters.

About American Learning Labs*

Three East Texas educators, Betsey McCarty, Daniel Macy and Sara Macy started American Learning Labs to develop improved math and science learning materials. To date, the company has produced four math books which teach fractions, positive and negative numbers, and preparation for high school algebra. Other products under development include preschool activity, science education, and advanced math.

The company has over 40 years of experience in education and leverages what students need in order to learn. Like Albert Einstein, the founders think that learning by example is the way to go, so their books contain lots of examples. In the math books, the writers avoid ‘math speak’, with explanations that are easy to understand, even for non-math people.

Field testing shows that with American Learning Labs’ books, most students are able to discover the patterns of mathematics on their own, with little direct instruction from the teacher. Students can work at their own pace and build a high level of independence, giving the teacher more time to work with those students who require extra help.

*The content in this section is provided by or adapted from American Learning Labs

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