New Review: Jarrett Publishing’s World Geography

[Source: Jarrett Publishing]
[Source: Jarrett Publishing]
Jarrett Publishing’s Mastering the TEKS in World Geography is a supplemental test preparation resource for the STAAR end-of-course exam in world geography available in print format. Content provides complete coverage of the high school world geography TEKS. Instruction addresses physical, human, and political geography, as well as globalization. Learning List has recently published an alignment report and editorial review of this resource.

The first unit of Mastering the TEKS in World Geography addresses test taking, geography, and problem solving skills. Test taking instruction provides guidance in answering different types of questions (e.g., multiple choice, data analysis) and introduces the three-step “E-R-A” strategy: (1) Examine the Question, (2) Recall What You Know, and (3) Apply What You Know. Instruction in geography skills teaches students how to use and interpret different types of maps (e.g., thematic, historical, political). Instruction in problem solving outlines a set of steps to help students make informed decisions.

Video Courtesy of Jarrett Publishing
[Source: Jarrett Publishing]
Subsequent units cover physical, human, and political geography; geographic change(s) over time; and issues in globalization. Each chapter begins by identifying the TEKS and geographical terms addressed in instruction. Chapter openers list the “Important Ideas” students will learn and pose several essential questions to guide students’ thinking. Chapters include application exercises in which students apply their learning to new situations and “Acting as an Amateur Geographer” activities in which students complete short research projects.

Chapters end with Study Cards, “Checking Your Understanding” questions, and Concept Maps that help students prepare for the STAAR test. Study Cards summarize the key concepts and vocabulary covered in the chapter. Students are encouraged to illustrate the back of each card with a picture that visually represents the concept or term. Study Cards support student review individually and in groups. “Checking Your Understanding” presents a set of practice questions formatted to reflect the STAAR end-of-course exam.

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