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[Source: DreamBox Learning]
DreamBox supplemental online resources support mathematics instruction for students in grades K-8.  The adaptive program provides individualized instruction using learning games that incorporate engaging animated characters. Resources support instruction in blended learning environments. Learning List recently reviewed materials for grade K.

At grade K, DreamBox focuses on number sense and the skills needed for addition and subtraction. Instruction is presented in the form of interactive games, such as a matching game in which students match numbers that sum to 10 (e.g., 4 and 6). The adaptive program analyzes students’ answers and scaffolds instruction, providing corrective feedback, hints, and new questions based on individual student’s responses. Lessons use virtual manipulatives such as a “TenFrame” (i.e., “an array of squares used to teach counting, number relationships and computation”) and a “MathRack” (i.e., an interactive abacus).

Reporting tools allow administrators and teachers to track student growth at the individual student, class, and grade level. Reports let users monitor students’ progress on assignments, mastery of standards, and time spent using resources, including time at home.

 About DreamBox*

[Source: DreamBox Learning]
At DreamBox, we believe all children can excel at learning, no matter where they start, where they live, or who they are. Along with district administrators, teachers, principals, and parents, we are dedicated to helping children realize their potential. Yet every child must be challenged, encouraged, and engaged in an individual way.

That’s why we developed our revolutionary Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology, and combined it with a rigorous curriculum and an engaging game-like environment, to change the learning paradigm.

Our innovative technology captures every interaction a student makes while working within and between lessons. As it dynamically adapts and individualizes instruction in real time, it provides millions of learning paths tailored to each student’s unique needs. It is a ground-breaking, student-driven learning environment that leverages gaming fundamentals to inspire and empower students to build 21st century thinking and problem solving skills, master key concepts, increase achievement, and boost long-lasting confidence in learning.

*The content in this section is provided by or adapted from DreamBox.

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