New Review: Amazon’s TenMarks Math Teach and TenMarks Math

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Learning List recently reviewed Amazon’s TenMarks Math Teach and TenMarks Math—a set of comprehensive online resources to support mathematics instruction in grades K-12. Both resources address the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). TenMarks Math Teach includes “grab-and-go” interactive whiteboard (IWB) lessons, short video lessons on specific concepts, and interactive tutorials. TenMarks Math complements teacher-led instruction by providing independent practice assignments with embedded supports, including audio readers, hints, and video tutorials.

TenMarks Math Teach resources include “Lessons,” “Videos” and “Amplifiers.”

  • Lessons are teacher-led IWB lessons made up of interactive slides and accompanying teaching notes.
  • Videos are supplementary resources that provide direct instruction in concepts (e.g., Understanding Division of Integers).
  • Amplifiers are interactive tutorials in a slideshow format.

TenMarks Math independent practice resources are made up of individual “Assignments” and “Jam Session” practice activities. Instruction is customizable and supports personalized learning, data-driven instruction, and intervention for struggling students.

  • Assignments include supports to help students work independently. Supports include audio readers, hints, and video tutorials in concepts.
  • Jam Sessions allow students to practice skills and build fluency, improving speed and accuracy with concepts. Jam Session problems focus on a specific standard and include audio readers.

Teachers have access to video tutorials, live and archived webinars, articles, and FAQ documents to support the use of TenMarks tools and resources.  TenMarks Math Teach also provides a downloadable “Field Guide” to help teachers use resources.

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[Source: TenMarks]

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