New Review: Agile Mind’s Resources for Single-Variable Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB Courses

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Learning List has reviewed Agile Mind’s resources for single-variable Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB courses.  Materials are comprehensive and available online with some printable content. Instruction addresses communication and reasoning skills and the application of mathematics to real-world situations.

Instruction is organized in 36 “Topics” that address AP Calculus AB content. Each Topic structures a three-part lesson that includes (1) Overview, (2) Exploring, (3) Summary sections. Overview sections engage students using animations and visualizations to introduce new concepts and link content to students’ prior learning. Exploring sections provide core instruction in the context of real-world problems. Summary sections review and reinforce key concepts and vocabulary. Topics also include (4) Assessment and (5) Testing sections that support formative and summative assessment.

The course incorporates multiple representations of math concepts (e.g., words, tables, graphs, and equations) and develops students’ ability to communicate their thinking in written and spoken formats. Instruction includes animations that engage students using real-world scenarios and problems (e.g., graphing the arc of a snowboarder’s jump). Animations are accompanied by rigorous, open-ended questions that encourage students to think critically and apply their learning.

The course also includes two versions of an AP Calculus AB practice exam.  Practice exams are formatted to reflect the rigor, content, and time and technology allocations of the AP exam. Practice exams must be printed for paper and pencil administration and include complete solutions.

Agile Mind has created a webinar introduction to Resources for Calculus. Subscribers may view the webinar on the product’s homepage on

About Agile Mind*

[Source: Agile Mind]
Agile Mind was founded to enhance one thing: the opportunity to learn. We focus on equity and high achievement in mathematics and science because of its importance to both the lives of students and to the future of our nation.

For students, we have created powerful programs, tools, and strategies that help them excel in the courses that are crucial for admission to America’s leading colleges and universities.

We have used the Internet to deliver these tools and services at a fraction of their historical costs. Further leveraging this infrastructure, we deliver high-quality services that schools and districts find increasingly essential to meet the high expectations of our nation, our states, and our communities..

Agile Mind is built on a combination of high-tech and high-touch strategies. In addition to Internet-delivered services, educators and administrators also receive face-to-face seminars, mentoring, and a rich array of  resources to manage their demanding workloads, expand their expertise, and dramatically improve outcomes for their students.

But the success of our tools and our services is measured in the faces, in the motivation, and in the achievement of your students—all of your students. Our only success is theirs and yours.

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