New Product Reviews: B.E. Publishing Personal Financial Literacy Products

Learning List recently reviewed B.E. Publishing’s Personal Financial Literacy and GoVenture. Both products were submitted for state adoption in Texas in response to the Texas Education Agency’s Proclamation 2019 call for high school Personal Financial Literacy products aligned to the new PFL Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Personal Financial Literacy is a comprehensive resource that focuses on the skills students need to set goals and manage their work and personal financial lives. GoVenture is an interactive simulation game in which students set life goals, make decisions (e.g., purchasing a home), and experience the effects of decisions (e.g., good or poor credit ratings). GoVenture may be used as a supplement to another core PFL program or as a comprehensive resource for PFL courses that require 110 hours of instruction.

Personal Financial Literacy is organized in six units: (1) Plan, (2) Earn, (3) Manage, (4) Save & Spend, (5) Invest, and (6) Protect. Instruction emphasizes the importance of goal setting and the SMART goal framework; that is, goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-focused, and Time-based. Course resources address Precision Exams’ standards for certification in General Financial Literacy and Personal Financial Management; Learning List has not verified alignment to these standards. [Read more…]

GoVenture’s games allow students to experiment with a variety of life style scenarios, experience financial decision making, and learn about investing. Game content is organized in three overarching categories: Individual Activities, Investing Simulation, and Life and Money Simulation. Individual Activities take up to 60 minutes to complete and address topics such as making a life plan, net worth, loans, and retirement.

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