New Product Review: EduSpark Lengua, Ritmo y Cultura

EduSpark’s Lengua, Ritmo y Cultura is a Spanish language arts and reading (SLAR) program developed specifically for Texas students in grades K-5. Content is organized in print and online materials. Instruction supports the development of Spanish-language skills in dual language programs. Resources are designed to provide age-appropriate instruction in Spanish for students whose first language is not Spanish. Lengua, Ritmo y Cultura incorporates authentic reading selections from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries, as well as works written specifically for the program by Texans of Latino ancestry.

At each grade level, Lengua, Ritmo y Cultura is organized in kits that include print student materials (i.e., textbooks and workbooks), digital lesson resources, and a Teacher Guide. Student textbooks at each grade level are made up of 36 lessons. At grade K-2, textbooks are organized in 12 units made up of three lessons each and textbooks at grades 3-5 are comprised of 9 units made up of four lessons each. Across grades, the first lesson in each unit addresses foundational language skills (e.g., pronunciation). Lesson 2 covers phonological awareness (grades K-2), phonics, spelling, and vocabulary (grades 3-5). Lesson 3 focuses on reading comprehension skills using multiple genres of authentic Spanish texts, and Lesson 4 for grades 3-5 addresses writing skills. [Read more…]

About EduSpark*

EDUSPARK is dedicated to empowering teachers and students to reach their full potential through dual-language resources based on research in neuroscience and technology. Our systematic tools and learning resources increase students’ intellectual capacity, academic vocabulary and concept development in English and Spanish, motivation, communication, and collaborative skills.

EDUSPARK provides quality cognitive development and ongoing support so that educators have the tools and resources they need to help their Spanish-speaking students achieve success in school and in life.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from EduSpark.

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