New Product Review: Pathways 2 Greatness SmartPrep Database

MathemathicPathways 2 Greatness’ SmartPrep Database is a test preparation product that supports students in grades 3 through Algebra I in preparing for Texas’ STAAR exams in mathematics. Test bank items are available online and must be printed for student use. Resources allow teachers to create customized assessments that address specific Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) at each grade level. [Read more…]

The SmartPrep Database enables teachers to create customized assessments using a test bank of multiple-choice questions that address specific TEKS at each grade level. Each test bank item references the TEKS it assesses. Teachers search the test bank, select questions, and save them to a folder as PDFs. Tests must be printed for paper and pencil administration. Some test items may be printed in Spanish.

Teachers have access to answer keys that identify patterns in mistakes by identifying the distractors chosen most often by individual students (e.g., calculation error, wrong operation). Teachers can then group students with similar learning needs.

About Pathways 2 Greatness*

Pathways 2 Greatness provides a large state-aligned question bank for teachers to print test prep questions and receive an innovative misconception analysis. You can search through folders or our search bar, find the questions you love, and push print! A PDF file downloads on your browser. Resources then take you through the process of analyzing student data to plan for your next lesson.

*information in this section is provided by or adapted from Pathways 2 Greatness.

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