Assessing the Assessments In a K-12 Material


Having facilitated many districts’ adoption processes and listened to educators articulate what they are looking for in instructional materials, we have observed that assessments are often under assessed during an adoption/selection process. Assessments are a critical component of the instructional cycle. Therefore, as part of Learning List’s qualitative, Editorial Review of each instructional material, we evaluate the material’s assessments. Based on our review of thousands of instructional materials, we offer the following four key considerations to help you determine whether the assessments embedded in an instructional material will meet your needs.

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New Product: Scholastic’s Next Step Guided Reading Assessment

NSGRA Beauty Shot K-2

Do you need a comprehensive reading assessment for students in kindergarten through grade 6?   Take a look at Learning List’s reviews of Scholastic’s Next Step Guided Reading Assessment.

Scholastic’s Next Step Guided Reading Assessment(NSGRA), is an assessment tool designed to support teachers using responsive teaching to make data-driven decisions about reading instruction. This product is designed for use in grades K-6, with one kit for grades K-2 and another kit for grades 3-6.

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New Product Review: Pathways 2 Greatness SmartPrep Database

MathemathicPathways 2 Greatness’ SmartPrep Database is a test preparation product that supports students in grades 3 through Algebra I in preparing for Texas’ STAAR exams in mathematics. Test bank items are available online and must be printed for student use. Resources allow teachers to create customized assessments that address specific Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) at each grade level. [Read more…]

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New Product Review: Mentoring Minds’ Total Motivation Math

Mentoring Minds’ Total Motivation Math is a supplemental product that supports targeted remediation and preparation for Texas’ STAAR mathematics exams in grades 6-8. Content is available in print and online formats. Content is organized using a clear structure that focuses on direct instruction, practice, and assessment. Instruction supports Response to Intervention programs as well as test preparation. Total Motivation Math …

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How to Use Online Instructional Materials Effectively with Struggling Students

With the beginning of spring semester comes many decisions regarding ways to help struggling students grasp the required standards before state assessments. Teachers often turn to online instructional materials to help reinforce the concepts and skills for these students. Many online materials offer formative assessments, individualized learning paths, reteach lessons, and various reports on student learning. If used correctly, these …

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