New Product Review: Mentoring Minds’ Total Motivation Math

Mentoring Minds' Total Motivation MathMentoring Minds’ Total Motivation Math is a supplemental product that supports targeted remediation and preparation for Texas’ STAAR mathematics exams in grades 6-8. Content is available in print and online formats. Content is organized using a clear structure that focuses on direct instruction, practice, and assessment. Instruction supports Response to Intervention programs as well as test preparation.

Total Motivation Math presents instruction in units organized using the 5E instructional model. Each unit contains an introductory, open-ended problem set; guided and independent practice activities; a short, multiple-choice formative assessment; critical thinking extension problems; journal and vocabulary exercises, a “Motivation Station” extension activity; and homework.

At each grade level, Total Motivation Math includes two performance-based assessments. Assessments provide a narrative “Stimulus” that frames the context for problem solving, a “Task Overview” that clarifies the problems to be solved, and a series of open-ended problems in which students apply what they have learned to the problem.

About Mentoring Minds*

Mentoring Minds is an educational publisher focused on the success of students. Mentoring Minds’ passion is to develop quality educational materials that encourage students to think critically for effective problem solving. Equipped with many years of educational experience, Mentoring Minds’ product development team creates materials that address relevant issues in the classroom such as critical thinking, vocabulary development, the prevention of bullying, classroom management, and accommodations for students with special needs.


*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Mentoring Minds.


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