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Education GalaxyEducation Galaxy is a supplemental, online test preparation program for students in grades K-5. The program supports practice and review for STAAR math, science, reading, and writing tests. Learning List recently reviewed resources for grade 3 reading. The program provides individualized instruction to address learning gaps in students’ mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). [Read more…]

Education Galaxy provides a diagnostic test that identifies individual student strengths and weaknesses in mastering the TEKS and provides a recommended “My Study Plan.” The diagnostic test for reading assesses students’ reading skills, including knowledge of text features (e.g., chapter titles), dictionary usage, and spelling. The program recognizes when students are guessing and cautions them to slow down. Study Plans are tailored to individual student needs and present assignments in the form of short formative assessments that address a single standard or a set of related standards.

“Composition Practice” resources allow teachers to select writing prompts and evaluation rubrics for student compositions. Students submit their drafts online for teacher feedback. Students receive feedback, make revisions, and resubmit the draft online. Resources allow teachers to adjust instruction to one grade below and one grade level above a student’s current grade to support struggling learners and students who need more challenging work. Teachers may use Education Galaxy’s test bank to create custom assignments and assessments that may be administered online or printed for paper and pencil administration.

About Education Galaxy*

Education Galaxy provides engaging solutions to young and developing learners. When students are engaged, their capacity for learning is improved. We also very firmly believe that our program should be affordable so that schools can easily fit Education Galaxy into their budgets.

Quite simply, Education Galaxy is passionate about education and passionate about providing highly effective and affordable tools to teachers.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Education Galaxy.

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