New Product: FEV Tutor for Algebra I

Is your district looking for support with math tutoring? Take a look at Learning List’s review of FEV Tutor.

FEV Tutor provides live one-to-one virtual tutoring designed to support individual student learning needs across core content areas. Learning List recently reviewed the content for Algebra I. FEV Tutor partners with school districts and teachers to determine and implement a personalized tutoring plan for each student using FEV Tutor’s “Targeted Lessons”, content provided by the district, or content from other FEV Tutor partners.

The goal of FEV Tutor is to be an extension of the classroom instruction. The collaborative process includes analyzing assessment data and student learning styles to develop a targeted tutoring plan. FEV Tutor also assigns an Academic Success Coach to support district staff during implementation and design of personalized learning plans.

The program supports collaboration among students, teachers, and tutors, as well as ongoing progress monitoring through a comprehensive set of dashboard tools and reports. Read Learning List’s Editorial Review to learn more about the design of the tutoring sessions and the way the program supports progress monitoring.

Learning List has also completed an alignment report that details the alignment of FEV Tutor’s “Targeted Lessons” to the Algebra I TEKS and a review of the material’s technology compatibility.  To learn more about this product and thousands more PreK-12 instructional materials, contact Learning List for subscription information.

About FEV Tutor*

FEV Tutor’s mission is to make high-quality, online learning options available to all students at all times. They connect students with 1-to-1 live professional academic support when they need it, regardless of their core learning environment. The personalized tutoring services are meant to be an extension of the student’s teacher, without any of the time or resource constraints of the traditional classroom.

FEV Tutor’s core belief is that every student deserves real-time, engaging 1-to-1 instruction designed to meet their individual needs. Prior to launching any new program, they collaborate with those who know the students best – their teachers, administrators, parents and family members. These stakeholders provide important student insight and also determine the goals of our tutoring services.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from FEV Tutor.

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