New Curriculum Review: Pearson’s Anatomy & Physiology, & Disease by Savvas Learning

Looking for a science curriculum for Anatomy and Physiology?

Take a look at Savvas’ Pearson’s Anatomy, Physiology, and Disease, a comprehensive curriculum for high school courses. The material comes in print and digital formats. The program focuses on helping students make a lasting connection to the content to help them succeed as healthcare professionals.

Pearson Anatomy organizes content in consistently structured chapters focused on body systems and other content students need, such as biochemistry and cells. Ethical dilemmas, discussion questions, and case studies help students understand the relevance of the content they are learning and see connections to the real world, to healthcare professions, as well as to other sciences. The textbook also includes a variety of appendices to support students in understanding the content.

This material requires students to read extensively. Tools to facilitate reading are embedded in the student platform. Learning is supported through a variety of resources, including figures, strategically placed real-world examples, and formative assessments at the end of each section. “Learning Hints” clarify challenging concepts in each chapter.

Teachers access all resources through the MyLab platform. The teacher edition is the primary teacher resource, which includes multiple lesson supports for teachers.

Pearson Anatomy includes multiple supports for students with specific learning needs. Instructional suggestions are specific to the special population and to the activity. Supports for Emerging Bilingual students are embedded in each chapter. Read Learning List’s spec sheet and editorial review to learn more about how this science curriculum supports students in learning and teachers in teaching Anatomy and Physiology.

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