Just-in-Time Professional Development

Your learning needs are just as diverse as the students you serve. Learning List makes it easy to access the information you need, when you need it, in a variety of formats. Our just-in-time professional development resources include:Training Resources

  • Live webinars (Use the Chat Feature to request a webinar)
  • Step-by-step guides (Under Training Resources next to your Library)
  • Video tutorials (Under Training Resources next to your Library)

Using these resources, you can create customized PD based on your specific needs. Two sample scenarios follow:

Learning need: A teacher who is designing lesson plans for an upcoming unit wants to know which of his/her available instructional materials will best support students in learning specific student expectations.

Learning plan
: 10 Minutes

  1.  Log into Learning List;
  2. Watch 5 min. video “Using Learning List for Lesson Planning”;
  3. Use the alignment comparison tool to compare the alignment of the materials you have available;
  4. Download (into an excel document) the alignment reports of the material(s) that are aligned to the Student Expectations (SEs) you plan to teach;
  5. From the excel document, copy the “aligned citations for SE you plan to teach into your lesson plan

Data and Alignment


Learning need: A PLC team leader is reviewing data from benchmark assessments and wants to facilitate a discussion about the underlying reasons for the lower-than-expected student results. The PLC team leader has used Learning List as part of a textbook selection committee and remembers hearing someone mention that Learning List alignment reports make it easy to identify connections between the materials’ alignment and student test performance.

Learning plan: 10 Minutes

  1. Log into Learning List;
  2. Download 5-step guide, “Using Learning List to Analyze Test Results”;
  3. Based on assessment results, identify the standards your students are struggling with;
  4. Use Learning List’s “Alignment Comparison” tool to compare the alignment of the materials you have been using; look to see whether those materials are aligned to the standards your students are struggling with; if they are not aligned, that is likely why your students did not learn the knowledge and skills those standards require.
  5.  If the materials are aligned to those standards, look at Learning List’s Alignment Report for those material(s) to see if the particular citations (i.e., lessons, pages, videos) teachers used in each material are completely aligned to those standards, or whether they were inadvertently assigning only partially aligned citations; if they used only partially aligned citations, then students did not learn all the knowledge and skills those standards require.



Check out our suggested implementation plan for ideas about how other subscribers in your role are using Learning List.

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