Career and Technical Education: Medical Terminology

medical-563427_960_720Learning List has reviewed each of the eight Proclamation 2017 CTE products that have been state adopted for Medical Terminology.  Please find a brief overview of each product below:

  1. Cengage Learning’s Introduction to Medical Terminology, 3rd Edition, introduces students to the terminology needed for a wide range of health care professions and the pathology, diagnostic, and treatment procedures encountered in the medical field. Instruction includes “The Human Touch Critical: Thinking Activities” that provide real-world medical scenarios followed by critical thinking questions. Resources are available in print format and include additional online components.
  1. CEV Multimedia’s Medical Terminology presents content online using PowerPoint and video lessons. Instruction begins with a set of lessons addressing general topics (e.g., professional communication, teamwork), followed by lessons addressing medical terminology and medical records. 
  1. Goodheart-Willcox’s Introduction to Medical Terminology, 1st Edition, opens with an introduction titled “The Basics of the Body” that explains how medical terms are formed, anatomical positions and planes, and correct pronunciation. The subsequent 13 chapters are organized in terms of the body’s systems (e.g., the respiratory system). Resources are available in print and eBook formats and include additional online components.
  1. Savvas’s Medical Terminology: A Living Language, 3rd Edition, helps students understand medical word building in the context of the body’s systems. Tabular presentation of terms facilitates easy reference and study and a system of color-coded fonts help students easily understand and learn word parts. Resources are available in print and eBook formats.

 B.E. Publishing has four state-adopted products. Each product provides access to “Medical Language Lab” (MLL) online resources that contain video and audio tutorials and interactive learning experiences. Materials for each product are available in print and eBook formats with additional online components. 

  1. Medical Terminology in a Flash! A Multiple Learning Styles Approach, 3rd Edition, introduces students to the terminology needed for careers in the medical field and includes interactive learning experiences. Flash cards of key content from each chapter are provided at the end of the book and online.
  1. Medical Terminology Express: A Short-Course Approach by Body System, 2nd Edition, uses a “word building” approach to teaching medical terminology. Word building requires that students combine forms, suffixes, and prefixes related to the body’s systems. Students learn the meaning of basic medical terms and how terms are used in the health care environment.
  1. Medical Terminology Simplified: A Programmed Learning Approach by Body System, 5th Edition, is structured to facilitate self-study. Terms appear in the margins and may be covered with a bookmark, while definitions and fill-in-the blank items are presented in the body of the text. This text also uses a word-building approach.
  1. Early chapters in Medical Terminology Systems: A Body Systems Approach, 7th Edition, provide introductions to techniques of building medical terminology, the primary suffixes and prefixes used in medical word building, and the body’s structure. Later chapters are organized in terms of the body’s systems (e.g., the digestive system) and special senses (i.e., eyes and ears).

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